Brow lift (or forehead lift) surgery can dramatically rejuvenate your upper face by smoothing out lines and creases and making your eyes appear larger.

Patricia Yugueros, MD, has expertise in brow lift/forehead lift, for creating an alert, refreshed, youthful-looking face!

Brow lift and forehead lift is excellent for:

  • Eliminating excess and sagging skin under your eyebrows
  • Minimizing or eliminating creases on your forehead
  • Minimizing or eliminating frown lines between your eyes
  • Correcting eyebrows that are uneven, low, or not arched
  • Minimizing or eliminating lines and furrows across the bridge of your nose

Who is a candidate for brow lift?

Although many brow lift patients are age 40 years or older, you can have brow lift / forehead lift if you are an adult of any age with deep or unattractive lines on your forehead.

Your Consultation

During your consultation for brow lift (forehead lift), Dr. Yugueros will discuss your desires, expectations, and concerns as well as limits and risks of the surgery. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Yugueros will carefully examine your face, eyes, and forehead and recommend options for you. For a completely rejuvenated look, you can combine a brow lift with a neck lift, face lift, and eyelid lift.

The Brow Lift / Forehead Lift Procedure

Dr. Yugueros uses endoscopic brow lift surgery. After making tiny incisions behind the hairline, she will insert an endoscope through the incisions to magnify the tissue she will tighten and lift.

In some cases, Dr. Yugueros will conceal the incision in one of the creases above the eyebrows. This approach is most often use on male patients to correct severely sagging skin.

An outpatient procedure, brow lift surgery typically lasts only 1 hour under general anesthesia. Most people who have brow lift suggest that it is not painful.

Recovery From Brow Lift Surgery

After your brow lift procedure, you will be sent home with a head dressing. Dr. Yugueros will remove your stitches 7 to 10 days after surgery.

Most patients report only minor discomfort with brow lift, but Dr. Yugueros can prescribe pain medication if you need it.

You can expect some bruising and swelling that will resolve with a couple of weeks of your surgery. You can return to work about 10 days after surgery. Dr. Yugueros will tell you what activities you should restrict until you have healed completely.

Brow Lift Results

Although you will see immediate results from your brow lift, it takes time for the final results to show. After several months, the tissue on your forehead and brows will relax and settle for a beautiful, natural-looking result!

Because healing with brow lift is gradual, other people are unlikely to notice you have had cosmetic surgery. Your brow lift will not interfere with your normal facial expressions or eyebrow movement.

Results from brow lift are long lasting.

Why choose Dr. Yugueros?

Dr. Yugueros is a board-certifiedplastic surgeon with extensive experience in brow lift / forehead lift. Learn more about her surgical expertise, see her brow lift befores and afters, and schedule a consultation today to find out how brow lift can rejuvenate your face!

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