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When it comes to tackling the effects of skin aging, the deeper you can rejuvenate, the better. With a PRP Facial at Luna Plastic Surgery, we can improve the very foundation of your skin. PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma, and these facials can considerably improve the quality and health of your skin without the need for surgery or dermal fillers. With decades of peer-reviewed research and clinical applications backing this transformative treatment, PRP is on the rise to become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world.

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How PRP Therapy Works

To best understand the benefits of PRP, it’s important to look at how the science behind this procedure works. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy began as an innovative treatment for sports-related injuries. Scientists first turned to platelets (a part of blood that encourages clotting) due to its richness in growth factor proteins. Doctors found that after separating platelets from the rest of the blood, they could apply them to injuries in parts of the body such as town muscles, ligaments, or tendons, and even during surgery. Afterward, PRP considerably accelerated the healing process.

In recent years, PRP has shown incredible efficiency as a cosmetic treatment as well. By using a serum naturally produced by your own body, you’ll see a wide variety of benefits that our patients (and celebrities) love. PRP uniquely addresses the root issues of skin aging. Whereas injectibles and fillers provide stunning results by adding volume to drooping or loose skin and smoothing wrinkles, they require multiple injections and aren’t made by the body.

With PRP facials, however, your body’s natural mechanism for speeding up the healing process is applied to improve the overall quality of the skin. Studies have shown that the deep cells responsible for collagen production (below the surface of the tissue) respond beautifully to PRP, helping your skin generate healthy, new, younger-looking skin without any risk of results you don’t love. As it’s made of your own blood, PRP is safe for use in virtually every area of the face. It enhances texture, tone, and smoothness–naturally.

Who Makes a Good Candidate?

One of PRP’s biggest benefits is its versatility, flexibility, and comprehensive treatment options. PRP facials are non-surgical, so they make a great fit for patients looking for considerable rejuvenation but who either do not qualify for or don’t want to undergo invasive procedures or injections. Similarly, patients looking to avoid significant downtime/recovery periods may be a perfect fit for PRP.

Though PRP Facials work beautifully for all skin types, clients taking blood-thinning medication or who have problems with clotting should not undergo this treatment. For these folks, we offer several non-surgical facial rejuvenation options and will work with you to find a solution that safely supports your aesthetic goals and expectations.

As mentioned above, PRP therapy can be used on almost every part of the face. We particularly recommend this treatment for the following conditions:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Uneven tone and texture
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne

Many of our patients choose to pair PRP with other treatments to supplement their facial rejuvenation. During your consultation, we’ll discuss all the logistics of your treatment and determine the best solutions to target signs of aging and achieve your goals.

PRP is highly customized to each of our patients, and as such, the number of required sessions varies from patient to patient. Achieving the best results sometimes involves a series of three or four sessions spread out between one-month intervals. Maintaining your results can also benefit from touch-ups. We’ll cover everything about the number of treatments necessary during your initial visit.

What Happens During a PRP Facial

At the beginning of your PRP facial, we’ll take a small amount of blood to refine and develop your platelet-rich serum. To create the serum, your blood sample will be centrifuged, separating the plasma and platelets from your red and white blood cells. Next, we’ll further refine it to prepare for injection.

During this time, your clinician will carefully clean and prepare the treatment areas. Once you’re all set, the plasma is injected over an approximately 30 minute period, depending on where and how many injections are made.

No Downtime Necessary

Another huge advantage of choosing PRP therapy is the quick turn around. You won’t need any pain medication after your treatment and can return right away to your regular routine and work life.

In the hours and days immediately after your treatment, some patients experience minor side effects such as soreness, redness, or swelling. However, these should pass within a few days. To best upkeep your results (and generally slow the aging process), we recommend you avoid sun exposure while recovering and apply SPF regularly.

PRP Facial FAQ

Will PRP injections hurt?

Some patients experience mild discomfort while the PRP is injected. Most people liken it to a slight burning or tingling sensation, and it only lasts a few minutes after receiving a PRP injection. If necessary, we can apply a topical numbing cream and ice to help ensure your comfort throughout the facial.

How long do results last?

PRP injection results can last for many years after treatment. However, results vary based on several environmental and genetic factors, including natural variations in the quality of your Platelet Rich Plasma, as well as sun exposure and lifestyle. Though you cannot stop the aging process, we can help to slow it down. Proper and careful skincare maintenance at home also works wonderfully to extend results.

What areas can I treat?

PRP can technically be used to treat any area of the body. However, for cosmetic purposes, this treatment is most popular for treating the neck and face.

Are there any side effects or possible risks?

PRP used for aesthetic procedures is safe for most individuals. Some patients may experience moderate redness or swelling.

Who should avoid PRP injections?

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for a PRP facial is to come in for an in-person consultation. During your meeting with our team, we’ll make a full assessment and review your medical history to ensure you’re the right candidate for PRP injections. Patients with specific health conditions or who are pregnant may not be suited for this procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

PRP Facials are an FDA-approved, clinically tested, and patient beloved procedure to non-invasively rejuvenate the skin and turn back the clock on facial aging. If you’re ready to try out this groundbreaking procedure, the next step is to schedule your consultation at Luna Plastic Surgery’s Johns Creek, GA, office.

Our expert team of board-certified surgeons and clinicians are here to help every step of the way. We’ll assess your goals, address your concerns, and build a unique treatment plan to meet your goals. With Luna Plastic Surgery, you’ll receive the highest possible level of care.

If you’re looking for a completely non-invasive and non-surgical way to look your very best–PRP could be right for you. To schedule your no-obligation consultation, give us a call at 687-892-7820 or contact us online today.

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