Dr. Patricia Yugueros is Luna Plastic Surgery’s esteemed plastic surgeon. Having received a stellar medical education from all over the world, Dr. Patricia has established an illustrious career with extensive training in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic survgery. Dr. Yugueros has special interests in creating beautiful plastic surgery results, without having to compromise on function, while our wonderful staff is here to provide you with warm and comforting patient care.

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After bariatric surgery many patients choose to undergo post-bariatric surgery with Dr. Yugueros to achieve a more contoured body.

Dr. Yugueros’ patients appreciate that she sees them as an individual and expertly tailors the procedures to their own physical and aesthetic needs.





“Thank you to Dr Yugueros and all her professional staff for helping women to feel and look their best. Thank you for your excellent work with my Mommy Makeover. I look and feel years younger. Thanks again!”

Lorena, Woodstock, GA

Beyond any expectations, I had of Dr. Yugueros and her team of caring nurses and staff. She has given me the abdominoplasty experience I never dreamed could be so excellent. Great pain management. An incision management routine that has meant I have yet to touch the first band-aid. With the added lymph massage, I feel great, strong, and it’s only been 3 weeks today. Yes, I am recovering slowly, but I have walked since day one, and never threw up or got sick. She removed 27 pounds of belly fat after massive weight loss. I have more weight to lose, at which time she’ll do my boobs/arms/back fat. This Doctor is so compassionate, excellent in her field, loved by her staff and the hospital personnel, adored by me and my sister, who first used her for cancer reconstructive surgery. A beautiful soul as well as Chief of Surgery at Emory John Creek. She is very experienced with WLS clients. That is very important if you are one. Blessings. “Dr. Yugueros, Just a quick note to thank you HUGELY for your skills and talents in fixing my major hernia. It has been flawless ever since you operated! Muchas Gracias!”


“Dear Dr. Yugueros, My family and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do and have done to take care of me. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You have definitely made this whole journey so much easier for me. I am so thankful for you.”

Love, Kat

“After having 3 babies, my first being almost 10lbs, I was left with a forever bloated belly and a whole lot of stretch marks. I later found out that my bloating stomach was caused by my abdominal muscles being separated. After beginning my weight loss journey last summer, I was happy to lose 65 lbs! But I was still having to hide my body behind spanx and waist trainers. I got very tired of hiding my “apron” with uncomfortable trainers, especially in this GA heat. You were amazing from the day we met. Answering my list of questions. I was so confident with you that I cancelled all other consults. My intuition was right! You repaired my muscles, saggy skin, and breasts. I could not be more grateful. Thank you for returning my confidence in the body that I worked so hard to get.”


Abdominoplasty and Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy Patient
“In December of 2010 I decided to have Gastric Bypass surgery. It was a big decision but it completely changed my life. In one of the meetings before surgery I heard Dr. Yugueros speak at Johns Creek Hospital and saw her amazing work that had been done on gastric patients after major weight loss. It was then that I decided if I was successful with this weight loss I was going to see her to help me afterwards with the skin issues. In October of 2013 I decided to see her and her wonderful staff. I was at about 140 pound weight loss at that point. In October of last year I had a tummy tuck and breast lift. Seven weeks later I had a neck lift and my arms done. I am now down 157 pounds and feel like a new person. I will forever feel blessed to have met her and her wonderful staff. They make me feel like family. They are one of the most talented and caring Staff that I have ever dealt with. I have referred friends that feel the same way. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Yugueros and Staff along with my family and friends that were so supportive during this journey. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”


“There are not enough words to express my admiration and gratitude to Dr. Patricia Yugueros, a gifted plastic surgeon, and her wonderful staff. It is an understatement to say that I was beyond words to express my amazement post-breast exchange-surgery because I personally never imagined that my breasts would not only look phenomenal but I would be pain free as well after years of suffering from a previously botched breast augmentation. I am so thrilled with the way I look and feel now. I will forever be so thankful and grateful to Dr. Yugueros for all her skill, care, and plethora of knowledge—that made all the difference.”


“To everyone at Luna, In our lives we are blessed to have people enter it who are special. You all have been so caring, gracious and kind to me and my husband, you are very special. You’ve been a smile and a hug when I desperately needed it. Thank you isn’t enough to say for all you have given. My recovery and “maintenance” will continue and I’m so thankful you all will be there to help.”


“Dr Yugueros came highly recommended by a close friend. I took one look at my friend’s results and made an appointment to have my own evaluation. The location, the beautiful facility and most importantly the caring and pleasant staff persuaded me to take a big step towards finally getting my abdominoplasty with Luna Plastic Surgery. Dr Yugueros is kind and knowledgeable, she takes the time to make you feel comfortable and deliver the results you would expect from a thoughtful provider. I needed specialized follow up care due to my propensity for keloids. Dr Yugueros has taken the time necessary to resolve my issues so that I am left with the finest results. I cannot thank her and the staff enough for their expertise. I would definitely recommend Luna Plastic Surgery to anyone looking for a rewarding and professional experience.”


“You have all helped me so much through this process. Thank you is not enough to express how very much I appreciate all that everyone in your office has done and continues to do to help me. We’re truly blessed to have you in our lives.”


“Thank you for the great job you did on my surgery, your expertise, and kind patient care! I asked you to make me “sexy” and according to my boyfriend, you did a great job!”

Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Patient

“How in the world do you thank someone for changing the way you look at yourself? You have given me back a confidence that I never thought I would have again. I view myself in a completely different way. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I didn’t feel beautiful before. You changed that for me and I will be forever grateful!”


“I just want to thank you for taking the time with my husband and I. We are so blessed to have a doctor who cares and truly wants what is best! I truly appreciate your wisdom in helping us make the good decisions. May God always bless you!” “Thank you for making me look so young again! It will be so fun buying new clothes again for my new body.”

Abdominoplasty Patient

“I was thrilled with the result of my breast augmentation. I felt comfortable and well taken care of during the entire process. The facility and staff of Luna and Emory John’s Creek Hospital were great. I would recommend Dr. Yugueros and her staff to my friends and family!”

LS, Breast Augmentation Patient

“Looking back on old pictures of myself from before the surgery, I am shocked with silence at the way I looked. I was always afraid of getting my picture taken or seeing myself in the mirror. I used to be a swimmer before the sudden growth spurt that caused me to grow from a flat chested B to an out of control DDD (almost an E). I was fond of sports and physical activities for the longest time but as soon as the weight exuded on my chest increased to a point where just one bra was not letting me even jump, I knew it was too much.”

BC, Breast Augmentation Patient

“Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Yugueros has done for me. In my consultation with Dr. Yugueros, she explained to me in great detail the process for a breast reduction and what I could expect. She totally made me feel at ease with the procedure. Dr. Yugueros is an amazing caring person. All of her staff went above and beyond. This experience has had a positive influence on my life. I truly wish I had done this sooner. I highly recommend Luna Plastic Surgery.”


Breast Reduction Surgery Patient
“My experience at Luna Plastic Surgery has been phenomenal! The staff is always so nice and Dr. Yugueros has been incredibly attentive to all my questions and concerns. I had a breast augmentation in June 2012 and although it may sound silly, it has changed my life. The results were fantastic and as an added benefit, my self confidence has sky rocketed!” “Dr. Yugueros was warm and friendly as well as professional. She provided a plethora of information about what to expect before my surgery. Her ready accessibility and prompt response saved my life after the surgery. Thanks to her, I am a whole new me!!”


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